Our farm covers 7 hectares of land, of which 0.6 are covered in vines and 3.5 in olives, whilst the rest is used to grow fruit and to raise our Cinta Senese pigs.  We have also created a vegetable patch where we grow vegetables traditionally associated with this district specifically to use in our restaurant.

The agriturismo also has its own farm-shop where it sells its own products.

Alessandro oversees all the various farming activities himself, whether at the cultivation, processing or transformation stages.  “SOGNO” our extra virgin olive oil is truly the fruit of his passion and its flavour, aroma and appearance is exceptional. The same is true of our “TERZOMO”, a red table wine made only from the juice pressed from our organically grown grapes with nothing else added, and then there is our “GINEPRAIA” Chianti Rufina D.O.C.G. reserve, bottled especially for our guests.

Another undisputed passion is the Cinta Senese pigs that we raise here on the farm. They roam free and eat only natural foodstuffs.  They are the source of the various types of cold cuts and ham we produce –  using  traditional natural methods once a secret of the “old” peasants that we have  been able to “borrow”.

All our extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, fruit and grapes are totally ORGANIC – as guaranteed by the controlling CCPB body authorized by the MIPAAF, and our ORGANIC CERTIFICATION No.  A 973.

We have our own farm shop selling produce grown on the farm called LA BOTTEGA DEL PODERE.

Here you’ll find organic produce grown by us as well as fresh fruit and vegetables from local farms.