Every year, our family of animals acquires new siblings. We can never say no and our local vet knows it; every now and again she brings us a fluffball who grows up to become one of the family, whether a boar with ferocious tusks, a pigeon, a donkey or a cat. It doesn’t matter… they’re all equally welcome and live happily together. They love it when we have guests because they enjoy human company, particularly that of children who are keen to play and make friends.

Every evening, Alessandro does his chores, feeding the animals and making sure they’re looked after, usually with the help of the children who follow eagerly at his heels.

Every one of our animals has its own personal story, its own personal relationship with us, some funny or curious trait, a unique way of expressing itself or communicating with us. Each one of them is the perfect example of the positive balanced relationship we can have with animals, with any animal, provided they are looked after properly and respected.

Our animal friends always raise a smile and linger in our guests’ hearts. We consider them like a gift to us and we try to express our gratitude by looking after them to the best of our abilities.

Do you want to meet them?

GEPPETTO: the little donkey who just adores Alessandro;
ZIZU: the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig who used to sleep in an empty Vin Santo barrel;
NUTELLA: the Shetland pony. She’s just under 10 hands tall (100 cm at the withers). Children love going for a ride around the farm with Nutella on a lead rope;
DANTE: our pet boar and the apple of Serena’s eye ( Read Dante’s story);
ARNO: the Jack Russell and farm mascot;
FLO: our lovely little girl;
CHIANTI: the ginger cat;
This year we are expecting our latest addition to the family: NUBE, a lamb born in Dicomano and bottle-fed;
And then there are our feathered friends: chickens, pigeons, ducks and many more…