“We like to try to revive our Tuscan culinary heritage using old peasant recipes from this area that we and our guests can taste and enjoy.

We decided we wanted to cook food linked to the seasons, full of aromas and imagination and that recognised the earth’s bounty. Right from the start we determined to cook seasonal fare using whatever was available, including the meat of our few home-raised Cinta Senese pigs, fresh produce from our own ORGANIC patch and other edible plants growing wild in the countryside.
To honour and thank Mother Nature for her seasonal gifts, we try to highlight her generosity by serving what we cook in a simple and unpretentious manner.”

Serena ed Alessandro

On request, guests can savour the magical atmosphere of a candle-lit dinner in our main dining room. We love to personally serve traditional Tuscan fare prepared by us from our own produce and other local ingredients.

The vast majority of what we use comes from our land, or at the very least, is stricly souvcerd locally in Tuscany in full respect of the concept of minimising food miles to be even more precise about our ingredients and food, the following are produced by us: extra –virgin olive oil (IGP certified), vegetables, herbs, spices, fruit, red and rose wine, eggs and jams.

Other foodstuffs are bought throught special arrangements with local concenrns, ensuring that quality remains high and the origin Tuscan.

Among these so-called P.A.T. ( traditional tuscan food product) are dishes that the REGION of TUSCANY recognise and safeguards as being part of the REGIONAL CULINARY HERITAGE , and we are happy to serve these to our guests. Example include : Tortello di patate,Tortello maremmano, Gnudi, Pici, Pane toscano,Frati lucchesi, Necci, Castagnaccio,Schiacciata alla Fiorentina, Schiacciata con l’uva, Zuccotto massese, Biscotti di Prato, and much more besides ( some 450 ) , a complete listi s on display in the dining room.


To be sure of a truly gentle start to each day, guests can order a rich buffet breakfast complete with fruit juices, cereals, cappuccino, coffee, jams and freshly baked pastries and the like.

‘TAKE-AWAY’ meals

A handy service if you don’t want to be tied down to eating a full meal at a fixed time. Thanks to our take-away meals you can enjoy traditional Tuscan specialities in the comfort of your accommodation. Choose from a range of delicious dishes including portions of pasta, hearty soups, cured meats and cheese boards, and delicious mixed salads from our organic vegetable garden.