A stroll around the farm to say hello to all the animals followed by a quick dip in the pool, in the afternoon, a ride around the stables on Nutella, our little Shetland pony, or a visit to the hen-house to collect eggs…..here on the farm children can discover nature, having so much fun and freedom they don’t want to go back home.

The farm is entirely fenced in so children can explore the whole place, getting to know the animals and discovering the plants and trees of the countryside.

And if you decide to take them on a “cultural” trip – no worries! We’ll give you all the info you need for a “child-friendly” visit to Florence…. where you’ll find plenty of museums suited to families.

One evening every week is PIZZA PARTY! We prepare the pizza with the children who learn how to knead the dough and bake the pizzas in our big wood oven. Then once the mozzarella is bubbling away and our pizzas are ready, we all sit down to eat them together!